A Fresh Take on Pizza: Healthy Twists Are Trending

December 2018

Pizza is often far removed from the list of foods most people would consider healthy—but it doesn’t have to be. Diners are looking for better-for-you takes on this perennial favorite, and chefs are finding unique ways to deliver.

Of all pizza consumers, 30% are seeking healthier pizza components, such as alternative crusts and toppings. Diners between the ages of 18 and 34 are especially interested in better pizza, as 42% of these consumers are looking for healthier options and 36% say they would eat pizza more often if healthier options were available.

To meet this increased demand, chefs at all kinds of operations are changing the way they approach the traditional pie. Global chains Pizza Hut and Papa John’s began eliminating artificial colors and flavors as early as 2015, and they started offering more health-forward twists, such as thinner crusts and more vegetable toppings. In early 2018, Pie Five Pizza Co. introduced a cauliflower crust option as a limited-time offering. The nutrient-rich, lower-carb choice was so well received by diners that it became a permanent menu addition.

Pizza ingredients such as bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and poultry are growing on the top 500 limited-service restaurant menus. From gluten-free crusts to more veggies and healthier protein toppings, the quality of individual pizza components is becoming more important than calorie counts and other health claims.

Turkey is the perfect pick when it comes to adding better-for-you pizza proteins. It’s a unique option and comes with a built-in health halo. Plus, its versatile flavor profile means it can pair well with all kinds of themed pizzas and better-for-you ingredients. Explore a few ways that turkey can turn up the health on your pizza selections:

Butterball is your partner in menuing creative turkey dishes that keep diners coming back for more. Find more recipe inspiration in our Culinary Center, and stay on top of the latest foodservice trends by browsing our Resource Center.



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