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Working to keep kids, parents and administrators happy?

We want to help! Butterball turkey products are a chance to serve kid-friendly meals with the nutrition parents and administrators want.

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We have solutions to help you succeed in one of the most challenging foodservice segments.

Our products are designed to keep kids happy, healthy—and most importantly—full.

Serve students with confidence when you serve Butterball:

  • Our turkeys are hatched and raised in America
  • We offer innovative K-12 meal solutions
  • We’re an industry leader in animal care and well-being
  • We have a dedicated, nationwide broker network

Commodity Processing Program

We want to help you maximize your entitlement dollars and turn nutritious commodity turkey into affordable products that meet your school’s needs.

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Commodity Processing Program
Sunny Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

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Frank Samuelson

Frank Samuelson

Butterball Foodservice's

National Business Development Manager

for K-12 Schools

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Frank is proud to lead Butterball’s K-12 efforts. He is a passionate resource who’s here to help you serve healthy, delicious foods students love while satisfying parents, school guidelines and nutritional requirements.

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