A New Way to Talk About Food

February 2016

At the end of each year, popular dictionaries announce a few common terms they’ve deemed worthy enough to officially become part of the American vocabulary. This year, many of these new terms were related to food and beverage. That’s because new ideas and concepts are being generated constantly, and sharing them with others has become quicker and easier than ever.

From chefs posting new food mash-ups on Instagram to consumers shortening the name of their favorite entrée to fit within the required character count of a tweet, new food terms are popping up left and right. Use this quick overview of the newest foodie lingo to connect with your customers:

  • #EEEEEATS: From Instagram food celebrities to restaurants and chefs, everyone uses this go-to hashtag to alert “insta-foodies” to dishes that are “on fleek.”
  • Hangry: This adjective is used to describe the irritable feeling that comes about when you haven’t eaten in a while.
  • Piecaken: Foods inside of other foods have been popular for years—take “turducken,” for example. The piecaken, made popular by pastry chef Zac Young, is a dessert featuring three 9-inch pies baked into three 10-inch cakes.
  • Foodspo: This word combines “food” with “inspo” to create a term for inspirational food photography and recipes. If you see pictures of your dishes posted on Instagram with “#foodspo,” you’re doing something right.

Find the full list of food terms here, and be sure to keep up with the latest foodservice trends by viewing Butterball’s Resource Center.


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