A Sandwich by Any Other Name

August 2016

If you’re a chef or foodservice operator, it’s safe to say you’ve served your fair share of sandwiches. While they are a menu staple, sandwich options don’t have to be limited to the familiar deli classics. Ethnic-inspired sandwiches are growing on menus, and they’re poised to stay popular for quite some time.

Since the sandwich is such a familiar item, it’s an easy place to begin incorporating more ethnic ingredients and cuisines. Ethnic condiments and spices, and authentic ethnic cuisine, are both listed as trends on the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot 2016 survey. Bring bold, ethnic flavors to the menu with these sandwich recipe ideas:

  • Turkey Shawarma: Cardamom and harissa give roasted turkey authentic shawarma flavor inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. Wrap in a pita, drizzle with tzatziki, toss on some red cabbage slaw and pair with a cold beer for a mouthwatering happy hour must-have.
  • Korean BBQ Turkey Won Ton Taco: Take patrons’ taste buds on a trip to Korea with these great-tasting won ton tacos. Soy sauce, ginger, sake and sesame oil add Asian-inspired flavor to tender turkey thigh roast.
  • Venezuelan Breakfast Arepa: The highlight of this delicious Venezuelan breakfast sandwich is the freshly prepared arepa. Scrambled egg, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, queso fresco, salsa and house-made avocado-cilantro sauce create a balanced blend of flavor for a complete morning meal.

Find even more great-tasting ethnic-inspired turkey recipes in our Culinary Center.

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