Amp it up for Turkey Lovers’ Month

June 2018

Help your diners celebrate their love for turkey during the month of June by taking this versatile protein to the extreme all over your menu.

Turkey is lower in fat and calories than its red meat counterparts, it’s a delicious canvas for culinary creativity and it simply tastes delicious—all reasons why it’s probably already a staple on your menu. We’re here to inspire new ways to think about turkey to help you drive traffic with turkey-packed LTOs all month long (and beyond).

  • Breakfast: Approximately 25% of consumers are looking for more turkey on breakfast menus, and 39% think it’s important to see sandwiches, wraps and burritos offered for the morning meal. The Empire State Bagel is the perfect a.m. solution. Made with both sliced turkey and turkey bacon, it offers a double dose of June’s most celebrated protein.
  • Lunch: 67% of consumers want high-quality lunch options, and 61% agree that speed of service is important. The Rachel is piled high with Butterball’s premium pre-sliced turkey breast, so you can serve the quality customers are seeking—faster than ever.
  • Snack: 43% of consumers say they snack because they’re hungry for something but not hungry enough for a full meal. Smaller in portion size yet filling, these Grilled Sesame Turkey Kebabs are a great between-meals option for your diners.
  • Dinner: 57% of consumers enjoy a burger at least once per week, and dinner is the burger’s most popular daypart. Add a fun, hearty and craveable option, such as the BLT Mega Turkey Burger, to the menu.

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