Appeal to All Appetites with Breakfast for Dinner

August 2018

Breakfast is staying up past the morning hours and well into the late afternoon and evening—and it’s no longer all about bacon, eggs and toast. Breakfast-for-dinner specials can be a platform for menu creativity as well as a traffic driver during the busy back-to-school season.

Most consumers—90%—are already eating breakfast for dinner at home, with more than 50% having it at least once per month and almost 25% every week. Plus, it’s especially popular for families—more than 60% of families with kids say breakfast for dinner is a favorite. You can appeal to busy parents, especially as they’re acclimating to school-night schedules, by offering breakfast-for-dinner specials.

When planning your breakfast-for-dinner menu, remember to think beyond traditional morning fare. As breakfast’s popularity grows, so do consumers’ expectations. Use these recipes to inspire your culinary approach:

  • Revamp a breakfast classic. Waffles and bacon are typically associated with morning menus, but they can also be part of a unique breakfast-for-dinner special that’s both decadent and differentiating. The Country Fried Turkey Waffler brings together battered and fried turkey filets, honey-flavored candied turkey bacon, savory waffles, and a sweet-and-spicy syrup for a fun, filling option families can share.
  • Think globally. Incorporate ethnic flair to appeal to more adventurous diners. Parents and kids alike will be intrigued by this Venezuelan Breakfast Arepa, which presents South American flavors in a familiar and approachable format.
  • Put an a.m. twist on a dinner dish. According to Technomic, 38% of 18- to 34-year-old diners (many millennial parents) crave lunch or dinner foods for breakfast. They’re looking for items such as burgers, pizzas and pastas with the addition of breakfast-themed ingredients. Attract these guests with French Bread Pizza with Seasoned Turkey Crumbles. The breakfast version combines the best of morning and evening favorites with sausage, shredded mozzarella cheese and a sunny-side-up egg.

No matter which types of breakfast-for-dinner offerings you’re thinking of adding to the menu, turkey is a great protein choice. It’s higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than its red meat counterparts—and it makes a delicious canvas for all kinds of flavor additions. Find more inspiration in our Culinary Center, and check out our Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest foodservice updates.


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