Boost Holiday Profits with Thanksgiving Meal Kits

September 2017

Thanksgiving may not be the most popular dining-out occasion, but that doesn’t mean your operation needs to press pause. Consider offering Thanksgiving meal kits to help your customers create memorable eating experiences at home while also enjoying a delicious meal with ease.

Meal kits are surging in popularity across the country. It’s predicted that meal kits will be a multi-billion-dollar business by 2021. Many chefs, restaurants and food companies are co-branding with meal kit makers to drive sales and appeal to a wide variety of customers.

As a chef or operator, you can use branded meal kits to help your customers enjoy the best Thanksgiving dishes in the comfort of their own homes, but that’s not all. Since meal kits are typically more involved than simply ordering takeout food, they can give customers the opportunity to take ownership of the meal.

Most Americans eat more than one meal with family members to celebrate Thanksgiving, and many people are now celebrating Friendsgiving in addition. Almost 40% of those who celebrated Friendsgiving in 2016 planned to serve a side dish from another culture, and 38% planned to serve a traditional dish with an ethnic twist. Your meal kits don’t have to be limited to traditional Thanksgiving fare. Options include delivering a turkey breast and the ingredients to a flavorful glaze or sauce, or creating a kit that features the recipes and ingredients for unique dishes customers might not be comfortable planning and creating on their own.

For more ways to drive traffic, build business and keep your operation running smoothly during the upcoming holiday season, visit our Resource Center and check out our Tips.


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