Breakfast Is Big with Boomers

Does your restaurant have a large crowd of Baby Boomers? If so, you may be able to increase sales by offering them comforting breakfast items featuring turkey breakfast meats.

Consumers aged 55–74 spent more per household on breakfast than any other age group. According to New Strategist, “The biggest spenders on breakfast and brunch at full service restaurants are older married couples enjoying a leisurely meal.”

The Wall Street Journal noted the reason for Boomers’ big impact on the restaurant industry: “Boomers, as a group, have more discretionary income, partly because they are delaying retirement, while younger people have been harder hit by the nation’s stubborn unemployment problem.”

Some national fast-casual chains with larger percentages of Boomer customers have done well with breakfast on the menu, seeing breakfast account for nearly 20% of sales.

Consider offering nostalgic breakfast items or exciting ethnic offers on your morning menus to appeal to the Boomer crowd. Try these on a 55+ menu:

  • Turkey In A Sleeping Bag: Grilled breakfast sausage links wrapped in a large pancake. Served with maple syrup.
  • Southwest Turkey Benedict: Grilled cheese quesadilla topped with grilled turkey medallions, poached eggs and topped with chipotle hollandaise.
  • Turkey Breakfast Sausage Santa Anna: Three-egg omelet stuffed with diced breakfast sausage, avocados, shredded Jack and Cheddar cheeses, topped with salsa and a dot of sour cream. Served with warm tortillas and spicy black beans.

Find even more tasty, fresh ideas to offer Boomers for breakfast in our Culinary Center.


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