Caribbean Flavors Heat Up Menus

May 2016

America’s increasingly diverse population has contributed to the rising popularity of ethnic flavors and fusions. Today, 80% of consumers say they enjoy ethnic foods at least once every month. With summer quickly approaching, now is a great time to appeal to diners’ cravings for ethnic cuisine by using ingredients and recipes with a Caribbean flair.

Caribbean cuisine is bright, complex and flavorful, with influences from a variety of global cultures: plantains, okra and rice from Africa; stir-fries from China; pork from Spain; puff pastry from France; and flatbread varieties from India. Food from the Caribbean truly reflects the region’s diverse history.

Try these great-tasting recipes with a touch of Caribbean inspiration:

  • Smoked Jerk Turkey Thighs: A Caribbean-style jerk spice paste is created using rosemary, parsley, basil, thyme, mustard seeds, orange juice, cumin and more. Turkey thighs are coated with the paste and smoked over oak chips before being served with a cool mango mint relish.
  • Jerk Turkey Omelet: Spice up the breakfast menu with this tasty morning treat. Turkey medallions are sautéed with jerk seasoning and green and red peppers. The seasoned turkey is then served with a Swiss cheese omelet and sautéed Granny Smith apples.
  • Curry-Chutney Turkey Salad: Not your typical turkey salad, this sandwich ingredient is made using Caribbean staples—mango chutney and curry powder.

Add Caribbean flavor with other key ingredients like coconut, bananas, plantains, honey-lime dressing, cilantro sauce and mango salsa. Share your favorites with us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to view our Culinary Center for more menu inspiration.


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