Celebrate Savory Flavors During National Pie Month

February 2017

According to the American Pie Council, 90% of Americans agree that pie equates to one of life’s simple pleasures; 20% have even admitted to eating an entire pie by themselves.

February is National Pie Month—the perfect time to promote specials on your existing pie offerings or to bring new pies to your menu.

Though generally associated with dessert, pies aren’t limited to sweet flavors. Savory pie options can go beyond traditional pot pies and shepherd’s pies. Chefs across the nation are getting creative with savory ingredients. Pop Pie Co. of San Diego has offered a range of pies, including one made with green chili pork and another made with ground pork. Pie Corps in New York City has a menu of savory pielettes with options such as roasted chicken pot pie, roasted onion and goat cheese with fresh thyme, and three cheese and rosemary.

Turkey is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different savory pie applications, from classic picks to ethnic-inspired twists. Try these menu ideas to help your patrons celebrate National Pie Month:

  • Turkey Pot Pie: Corn, carrots, peas, celery and turkey are topped with puff pastry and baked in an individual-sized ramekin to create a nostalgic, comforting pie.
  • Smoked Turkey Breast Frito Pie: A fun, taco-inspired twist on pot pie, this recipe includes smoked turkey breast, pico de gallo, barbecue sauce and a corn-chip crust.

Explore our variety of great-tasting turkey products to bring protein and savory flavor to your pie recipes and more.


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