Descriptors Make a Difference

From packaging in grocery stores to listings on restaurant menus, food descriptions have the power to affect sales and influence taste perception.

When it comes to health attributes, 87% of consumers say items described as "fresh" taste better than other options. Fresh foods have a strong association with nutrition, quality and flavor. The majority of diners believe poultry with a "fresh" descriptor is healthier and tastier. Consumers are willing to pay for freshness, too—46% say they will pay more for a product that’s described as fresh.

As the number of health-conscious consumers continues to rise, it is important to label menu items in your operation accordingly. For instance, consumers believe fresh items have a more enhanced flavor when compared to seasonal or local items.

The claims "hormone free" and "trans fat free" matter to consumers as well. Try menuing a breakfast item made with Butterball turkey sausage and add "hormone free" and "trans fat free" descriptors. Or, craft a fresh artisan sandwich, wrap or salad with Butterball smoked turkey breast. The combination of health descriptors and the Butterball brand name will be sure to impress customers and boost sales.

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