Diners Are (Still) Big on Burgers

December 2023

Diners Are (Still) Big on Burgers

In the ever-evolving landscape of culinary trends, one thing remains constant: the enduring popularity of burgers. Across limited-service and full-service restaurants, the classic sandwich is a continued success for operators. Reports show that 51% of consumers order a burger at least once a week from LSRs, and 29% do so at FSRs.

Consumers say they’re swayed by these five factors when deciding where to order their burgers:

  1. Affordability (50%)
  2. Customizability (45%)
  3. Made with premium ingredients (37%)
  4. Ability to include in a combo meal (37%)
  5. Variety of burger types (36%)

Challenges and Opportunities

Although restaurant burgers remain popular, more diners are preparing them at home. Inflation and rising prices have consumers pinching pennies and wanting to build burgers to their taste. By addressing these concerns head-on, operators can bring back more dine-in guests.


Smart Pricing Strategies

Two-thirds of consumers have noticed that restaurant burgers have become more expensive in 2023, and almost half will make their burgers at home to save costs. Operators can respond with creative pricing strategies, offering combo deals or loyalty programs to make dining out an attractive and affordable option.


Expanded Topping Options

Creative customizability options are also bound to turn heads. Think beyond the usual toppings; while 69% of consumers prefer bacon on their burgers, operators should try incorporating more non-meat topping options like mushrooms, which 36% of guests say they would order on their burger for a savory twist.


Alternative Proteins

Consider offering proteins besides beef as the burger patty. About a third of consumers say they would prefer an all-turkey patty for their burger, 20% would order turkey if beef were unavailable, and 56% would order a burger with a beef patty blended with another non-beef animal protein. Butterball turkey is a delicious and high-quality option to offer burger lovers and keep up with the trend. 


Restaurants and other businesses that pay attention to and optimize their burger menus now stand to see positive results from a consumer base who still loves the American classic. How will you revamp your burger menu to stay in step? Share your thoughts on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages, and remember to visit our Resource Center for more tips and trends.



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