Gluten-Free Menus Matter

As more people switch to gluten-free lifestyles, the amount of gluten-free foods available away from home is increasing. Nearly 30% of Americans are trying to decrease or eliminate the amount of gluten in their diets. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to appeal to this new market—try adding gluten-free options to your menu today.

Creating a gluten-free menu may seem daunting, but there are many naturally gluten-free foods, and more and more alternatives are being manufactured every day. Remember, it’s important to double check all ingredients to make sure they’re gluten-free. Separate prep stations are also required to avoid cross contamination.

Start with the basics, like lean turkey breast filets or sliced turkey medallions and go from there. In fact, with the exception of turkey meatballs, all of Butterball’s delicious turkey products for foodservice are gluten-free. Use these ideas as inspiration:

  • Serve sliced turkey medallions over fresh spinach. Top with pears and walnuts, then drizzle with gluten-free spiced apple vinaigrette.
  • Prepare turkey chili with naturally gluten-free ingredients, like tomatoes, black beans and hot peppers.
  • Flavor a turkey roast with fresh fruits, like oranges and apples; serve with a side of quinoa.

While it requires some time to implement gluten-free menu items, the benefits can be well worth it. Diners with gluten sensitivities will remember your establishment as a place that caters to their needs, and will be more likely to come back for more.

Looking for menu ideas for your gluten-free diners? Check out our Innovative Recipes for more.


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