Go Global with Ethnic and Themed Burgers

September 2017

Burgers are a dietary staple, particularly among younger consumers—62% of 18- to 34-year-olds eat at least one per week. But that doesn’t mean they want the same type of burger every time, as 48% of that age group is interested in ethnic or themed burgers, and 45% think it’s important for restaurants to offer burgers with new and unique flavors.

Diners are looking for combinations of tastes that they haven’t seen before and aren’t likely to make for themselves at home. You can help them avoid burger boredom by updating your rotation. Learn more about what’s trending on other menus and use these turkey-filled recipes as a starting point.

  • Asian inspiration: Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese flavors are becoming more prevalent in the burger section. Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. has tried out a Korean BBQ Burger with beef and coleslaw. This Kimchi Turkey Burger features a grilled turkey burger basted with soy sauce, surrounded by chili mayonnaise and kimchi, and sandwiched inside a Chinese steamed bun.
  • Southwestern influence: Southwest is one of the top three consumer-favorite themes for burgers. Arizona-based Native Grill & Wings serves the Arizona Burger, which includes toppings of jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and honey chipotle wing sauce. Serve a side of salsa with this New Mexico Turkey Burger featuring chili-lime mayonnaise and guacamole.
  • Bold breakfast: Chorizo is one of the trending toppings for brunch burgers, combining cravings for ethnic ingredients with the popularity of all-day breakfast. The Dos Carne Burger at Houlihan’s, a casual dining restaurant and bar, is made with chorizo, egg, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo and chipotle mayonnaise. The Open-Faced Turkey Chorizo Burger combines turkey chorizo, a turkey burger, egg and cilantro mayonnaise in between slices of corn bread, with a side of tomato pepper jam.

Don’t stop there. Find more ways to serve burgers and visit our Culinary Center to discover even more turkey recipes.


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