Healthy Offerings—the New Norm

Healthy Offerings—the New Norm

Better-for-you offerings are showing up on more menus everywhere—fueling profits, satisfying customers and meeting federal guidelines.

A 2011 Hudson Institute study showed restaurants that added lower-calorie menu options increased total traffic by 10% over five years. As a result, the number of restaurants mentioning healthier menu offerings on their websites has grown by more than 2,000% in the past few years.

As lower-calorie items are becoming more prevalent on menus and driving restaurant growth, it's the perfect time to add healthy choices to the menu. In a 2013 study, more than half of operators agreed that turkey helps provide healthier menu options.

Try some of these easy ways to trade calorie-rich proteins for turkey:

  • Use pulled turkey instead of pork in sandwiches for a low-fat, high-protein substitution.
  • Prepare turkey pot roast with roasted root vegetables and tomato gravy as an alternative to traditional beef.
  • Replace bacon and sausage with their turkey counterparts at breakfast.

Find more great-tasting turkey inspiration and better-for-you offerings in our E-Z Menu Ideas section.


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