How Generation Z Is Changing Food away from Home

August 2018

Generation Z consumers—those born between 1993 and 2003—are coming of age and having a larger impact when it comes to away-from-home dining. These consumers are ethnically diverse, digitally connected and health conscious. Most importantly, nearly 40% of older Gen Zers are eating at restaurants more than they were in previous years. Appealing to these diners now can make a positive impression as they become more influential spenders.

This generation is already shaping the future of foodservice in various segments. More than 80% are now visiting fast food restaurants at least once a month, and 56% are visiting fast casual restaurants at least once a month.

When it comes to what Gen Zers are seeking at restaurants, 64% say they’re ordering more healthy dishes than they were in years before. They’re attracted to descriptors such as “clean,” “natural,” “organic” and “hormone-free.” In addition, they believe antibiotic-free foods are healthier, tastier, associated with clean eating and wellness, and worth paying more for.

Research also suggests that name-brand items are important to Gen Z, who may view them as higher in quality and comforting. Butterball is a brand that’s proud to have earned the trust of both chefs and consumers alike—71% of consumers believe Butterball is more premium than the average meat brand.

To help you meet the growing demand for natural, cleaner labels from a trusted brand, we’re happy to offer a no-antibiotics-ever line of turkey, Farm to Family® by Butterball®. From turkey burgers to turkey breasts, these products can help you give Gen Z diners the options they’re seeking—and feel good about doing it.

Explore our Farm to Family products, and be sure to view our Gen Z infographic for a bite-size version of these helpful insights.


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The sample of Gen Z respondents may not be reflective of the overall U.S. Gen Z population because of the large percentage still under the age of 18.

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