How to Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Staff

How to Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Staff

AI is here to empower your staff, not replace them. Rather than seeing it as a looming threat to your operation, consider it a valuable tool that can enhance the capabilities of your team. With AI handling routine tasks, your employees can redirect focus to delivering exceptional customer service­­––a win-win for staff satisfaction and guest experience. Here are four tips for using AI technology to your advantage.

  1. Choose the Right AI Technology

From chatbots to recommendation engines, the AI landscape is vast. Consider your restaurant’s goals and challenges before choosing the one for your operation. Focus on ease of use, cost and compatibility with your existing technology.

  1. Let AI Help Train Your Staff

Learning new technology can be intimidating or disruptive for some staff members, especially if they’re worried about being replaced. AI can create virtual training simulations to help employees learn new skills and workflow systems in a controlled environment without having to practice on customers.

  1. Smooth Out Scheduling

Operators can also use AI to optimize the employee experience, including scheduling. By looking at factors like days with the heaviest dining traffic and employee availability, AI can help reduce employee burnout and turnover by adjusting schedules according to demand.

  1. Make Up for Labor Shortages

The hospitality industry still faces labor shortages, with many employees overworked and taking on jobs outside their skillsets. Business owners can provide more services with thinner staff by automating tasks like ordering.


Embracing artificial intelligence technology can help you attract and retain the best workers in your business. How would you use AI in your operation? Share your thoughts on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages, and remember to visit our Resource Center for more tips and trends.



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