Let Customers Customize

Not all customers want to order off of a set menu. The dominating trend in foodservice is to let your customers mix and match their menu to make their own creations. This could make for back-of-house complications, but you can set yourself up for success with your ordering process.

List Ingredients
Do you regularly stock wasabi paste or seaweed salad? Guacamole or salsa? Bar-B-Q sauce or Ranch dressing? Perfect! Make an ordering "checklist" for guests that list them all out. Give them pencils and let them build their perfect, custom burger.

Don't Forget "Extras"
Upsell turkey burgers on your checklist with turkey bacon, extra cheese and other premium ingredients. Mark them with their extra cost to be transparent.

Switch up Starch
On your checklist, give customers all of your bread choices. Even if you don’t think they're exactly perfect for a burger, your customers might. Pretzel bread and brioche buns are all the rage for burgers.

Give Side Choices
The checklist can have a place to note which side the customer would like with their order, too.

This process just leaves your waitstaff with the task of confirming their order and sending it to the kitchen. A potential customization nightmare is a simple success! Put the system to work on a promotional Burger Night to see how it goes before implementing.

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