Lighten up the Buffet Line

November 2016

As diners are focusing their attention on healthy options, it’s important to make sure your menu offerings are meeting their needs—especially your buffet offerings. Nearly 80% of diners say they’re more concerned with the nutritional content of food now than they were just two years ago.

Buffets can be a big benefit to business, as they feed a large number of people with a small amount of labor required. They’re also a great way to cut food costs. If your operation doesn’t currently have a buffet, consider offering one for a limited time to test the waters and increase traffic.

While buffets are often perceived as unhealthy because of their “all you can eat” nature, there are lots of easy ways to lighten them up. Use these tips to bring healthier options to your buffet line:

  • Always offer whole grains breads and rolls
  • Choose healthier oils and reduce sugar in your dressings
  • Cut down on processed foods
  • Offer turkey on your carving station and in premade dishes such as meatloaf or taco meat

For great-tasting buffet recipe ideas, browse the Culinary Center. Also explore a variety of better-for-you turkey products to use in place of beef or pork throughout your buffet line.


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