Make the Most of Back-to-School Season

July 2016

Most parents would agree that it’s never too early to start preparing for back-to-school season. Follow their lead and start getting your operation ready for the onslaught of busy families and back-to-school shoppers.

83% of back-to-school shopping will take place in brick-and-mortar stores, as opposed to online retailers. Take advantage of this increase in foot traffic by creating specials and deals that will appeal to shoppers working up an appetite. Get inspired with these business-building ideas:

  • Host events that will attract and engage diners. Having trivia nights, educational fairs, raffles, giveaways or charity drives can help to bring more guests to your location. Be sure to incorporate a back-to-school theme.
  • Have your own back-to-school sale. Money-saving specials shouldn’t be limited to school supplies and clothing. Implement BOGO offers or incentives like free dessert for loyalty program sign-ups.
  • Remember that convenience is key. When kids are back in school, it means parents are having busy mornings. A reliable, great-tasting breakfast on the go can be a big help. Incorporate more portable options on your a.m. menu, like breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches.

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