Make Your Menu Web Friendly

June 2016

Designing a menu for your front of house differs greatly from designing an online version. Be sure you’re making the most of your operation’s online presence by including a menu that’s easy to access and easy to understand.

More and more consumers are relying on their phones while they’re in the process of making purchasing decisions. Diners use their phones on the go to find a restaurant’s location, read reviews and browse menus. If your operation’s menu isn’t online, you’re missing out on potential traffic.

Be sure to create a static page for your menu, as PDFs can be difficult to open and read—especially on mobile devices. Include food items, photos, descriptions and prices to inform prospective diners. The right selection of food photography is key to answering questions and creating appetite appeal. If you’re having trouble taking good photos, or they’re not displaying correctly on your site, remember: menu descriptions without photos are always better than those with poor photos.

When it comes to the design of your online menu, simplicity is key. Fancy, flowing scripts can be difficult to read on screen. Sans serif fonts are never a bad choice. In addition to tasteful photos, consider adding social media icons to descriptors so diners can like and share their favorite dishes.

Be sure to use standard best practices that apply to all menus—printed or online. Key tips include putting more-expensive dishes at the top of the menu and making price listings as inconspicuous as possible. Learn more about menu engineering.

Keep up with the latest foodservice trends and find more business-building tips in Butterball’s Resource Center.


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