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September 2016

Mintel shows that the incidence of bacon jam on menus has grown by 50% between 2013 and 2016. Due in part to the resurgence of bacon as America’s most-loved meat, bacon jam is an on-trend condiment many patrons are seeking.

The foodie culture has given rise to bacon as an ingredient in food items from classic sandwiches and burgers to candies, donuts and ice cream. “Bacon jam” has also been identified by Google as a recent trending search term.

Diners crave combinations of sweet and savory flavors, and bacon jam is the perfect platform for exploring these tastes. Typically a cooked mixture of bacon, brown sugar or some type of sweetener and spices, the recipe can be tailored based on your culinary prowess and your patrons’ palates.

Using turkey bacon in place of regular bacon can add a health halo for diners seeking better-for-you options. This recipe includes turkey bacon, red onion, rice vinegar, grenadine, raisins, red pepper and more for a complex and delicious mashup of flavors.

Once you’ve perfected your bacon jam recipe, use it as a condiment for burgers, breakfast sandwiches, egg dishes and more. Find menu inspiration in our Culinary Center.


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