Pack a Perfect Picnic for Your Patrons

Seasonal celebrations can inspire valuable limited-time offers. As picnic popularity peaks in July, which is National Picnic Month, consider creating an LTO picnic lunch that patrons can easily enjoy in the great outdoors. Keep these suggestions in mind when building your basket.

  • Picnics need to be portable, so try to stay away from any food that won’t travel well.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the usual sandwiches—change them up by using different types of breads, proteins, condiments and toppings.
  • Remember to save room for dessert. Pastries and cookies are sweet treats that can finish off the meal, but don’t forget fresh summer fruit. Watermelon is always a favorite, or consider a salad of blackberries, peaches and green grapes topped with a touch of sugar and fresh mint.
  • Consider adding a blanket as well disposable utensils and dishes so diners can take their lunches to go.
  • Give patrons options for each part of the meal so they can customize their picnic experience.

Share pictures of your picnic baskets on our Facebook page, and head to our Tips section to find other inspiring ideas.

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