Regional Burgers with a Turkey Twist

June 2016

Burgers are an all-American favorite, but serving styles and topping can vary widely depending on your location. It’s time to take a tour of the nation’s most popular flavors and cash in on diners’ love for regionally themed cuisine.

  • Southern: Down-home flavors take flight on burgers in the South. Try sauces infused with popular fruits such as peaches, oranges and strawberries. Other key ingredients include corn, hominy, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bourbon and mint. Get inspired with the Turkey Patty Melt, featuring honey-bourbon peppered candied bacon.
  • Midwest: It’s no surprise that cheese is a star ingredient in the Midwest. In addition, experiment with ingredients like green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and blueberries. Try the BLT Mega Turkey Burger, made with ooey-gooey Jack and Cheddar cheeses.
  • Pacific Northwest: Apples, cherries, pears, mushrooms, hazelnuts and walnuts are all signature regional ingredients. Add flavors of the Pacific Northwest to your menu with the Wild Mushroom Turkey Burger.
  • Southwest: Cumin, coriander, cilantro, corn, chilies and tomatoes are often used in spiced-up Southwestern cuisine. Include Southwestern-style flavor on your menu with this Poncho Turkey Burger, made with roasted corn salsa and spicy lime sour cream.
  • New England: Essential ingredients include beets, potatoes, cranberries, maple syrup, apples and plums. This Pilgrim Burger is topped with cranberry sauce, highlighting a key regional flavor.

Find even more turkey burger inspiration in our Culinary Center.


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