Resolution Solutions for Chefs and Operators

As a chef or operator, it's important to think of good-for-you menu ideas for your patrons—but what about yourself? Whether you have New Year's resolutions of your own or not, it's a smart choice to start taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle. Try these ideas to meet your goals by making small changes to your daily routine:

  • Drink more water. It can be easy to simply forget to drink water if you're busy in your kitchen or operation most of the day. You many not even feel thirsty, but try to keep a
    16 oz. water bottle with you at all times. If you refill your bottle three times throughout the day, you've probably met your daily requirement.
  • Eat lean meats. If you're making healthy meals for your diners, you should make healthy meals for yourself, too. Skinless breast meat is the best choice for a low-calorie meal with reduced cholesterol. If you're on the go, use oven roasted turkey breast in a quick sandwich, or toss a salad with sliced turkey medallions.
  • Be prepared for the day. If there's no time to make breakfast for yourself, grab a banana and sprinkle it with some cinnamon for added flavor. The fruit will give you a boost of energy that you'll be thankful for—chances are, you'll be doing a lot of running around in the back-of-house later.

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