Skillets Sizzle

January 2017

It seems as though classic comfort foods served in sizzling mini skillets will never go out of style. There’s something special about a fresh-from-the-oven skillet dish, from breakfasts to entrées to desserts.

Cast iron skillets are go-to cookware options for many chefs because of their versatility and durability. Cast iron can last a lifetime if it’s properly cared for and cleaned. In addition, many nonstick pans are believed to release toxic fumes when heated to very high temperatures. Cast iron can be heated to extremely high temperatures without the risk of any type of toxicity.

Chefs and operators count on skillets for the fajita effect—something that happens when a diner is served a sizzling hot skillet that looks, sounds and smells delicious. But that doesn’t mean they’re limiting to just fajitas. Chefs are cooking up classics such as fried chicken, skillet cookies and Dutch baby pancakes, as well as deep-dish pizza, cobblers, and mac and cheese.

Try this breakfast skillet to keep diners coming back for more: Turkey Sausage Migas are made with turkey breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses, sautéed peppers and onions, corn tortillas and queso fresco, served sizzling hot with an avocado and cilantro garnish.

Find tips for cleaning cast iron and browse our Culinary Center for more recipes.


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