Spring Cleaning

Recent outbreaks of food-related illness have caused operators and consumers to become even more concerned about food safety. You can prevent contamination and protect your operation’s reputation by implementing and upholding a strict cleaning routine in your establishment. Gather your staff and use these tips to kick-start a spring cleaning regime.

  • Deep clean the kitchen. As always, equipment and surfaces that come in contact with food should be sanitized after every individual task. Meticulous cleaning schedules should also be put into place, including a drain maintenance schedule, steam cleaning, mop head cleaning and floor mat cleaning.
  • Think beyond the back of house. It’s important to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces diners come in contact with. That includes tables, chairs, bar tops, menus and condiment bottles.
  • Start from the ground up. Dirty floors can be dangerous for patrons and employees. It’s important to sweep and mop regularly. Be sure to deep clean with soap, water and liquid bleach frequently.
  • Don’t forget the little things. Door handles, phones, community tables, arm rests, railings and light switches are often overlooked in cleaning schedules—and they’re the things people touch the most. Make a checklist so nothing is forgotten.

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