Summer Is for Outdoor Dining

July 2016

Together, tasty food and enjoyable weather inspire great times. Cash in on sunny days and warm nights by offering outdoor dining for your patrons. While it may seem like a bit of an investment, outdoor seating has the ability to grow your revenue by up to 30%. From sidewalk dining to rooftop seating and garden tables, there’s a proper way to implement an outdoor area for your patrons.

First and foremost, determine whether your current staff can handle the additional seating and the traffic it has the potential to attract. Next, be sure you are committed to the upkeep of your outdoor area. Patios should be updated about every six years. Fans and/or cooling systems should be installed, depending on the humidity and average temperature of your climate. Ensure proper permitting is in place, especially if you’re going to allow pets.

Cohesion and consistency are key. Make your outdoor area an extension of your operation’s brand—it shouldn’t feel like a different restaurant. Advertise your seating and offer special promotions for diners opting to eat outdoors. Consider adding games or an outdoor bar, or keeping your outdoor area open longer to give diners a place to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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