The Burger Craze Goes Global

International perceptions of burgers have evolved in recent years. Now, instead of last-resort menu picks filled with fat and calories, burgers are seen as hip, desirable sandwich options around the globe.

Popular quick-service chains have had international locations since the 1970s, but more upscale burger establishments are just beginning to blossom globally. International diners now have the opportunity to taste the pub-style burgers Americans know and love. In 2013, twenty-nine new burger concepts opened their doors outside of the U.S. and Canada.

  • In Australia, boutique burger joints have been emerging since 2007. Higher quality meat with lower fat content is being used, and burger seasonings have shifted from salt to fresh herbs to enhance flavor.
  • Japan may be taking the lead in international burger innovation. Some burger locations are using apple slices in place of tomatoes as well as interesting condiments like cinnamon mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce.
  • Diners in the UK have adjusted their burger standards as the craze continues to grow. Burgers are sophisticated and much more than a guilty pleasure. Twelve new gourmet burger spots have popped up throughout the past year in London’s West End.

With upscale toppings, leaner meat and innovative recipes, burgers are getting better all over the world. It’s important for chefs in the U.S. to keep experimenting with new flavors and fun burger ideas—you never know when your creation could turn into the next big trend.

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