To QR code or not to QR code?

To QR code or not to QR code?

Many restaurants have embraced using QR codes as a safety precaution to make guests more comfortable during COVID-19, but not everyone is a fan. Here’s a handy breakdown of the pros and cons of using QR codes at your establishment:



  • Make guests feel safer. 67% of consumers see QR codes as more sanitary than paper menus, which can increase germ spread.
  • Save time and cut costs. QR codes allow operators to update the menu in real-time to account for shortages and price changes. Linking the codes to a digital menu will save you the time and money usually spent on delivering, collecting, printing and cleaning physical menus.
  • Allow you to optimize guest experience. When guests order from a digital menu, operators can set it up to collect info on guests’ favorite dishes or allergies, which can be used to optimize future visits.
  • Increase profits. Using QR codes to drive to a digital menu may allow restaurants to adjust prices in real-time to account for traffic levels. For example, operators can surge prices on a packed Friday night, or lower prices to convince more guests to venture out on a rainy Tuesday.



  • Create “extra work” for guests. 57% say QR codes menus feel like a chore.
  • Disrupt guest experience. 66% don’t want to have to immediately look at their phone after sitting down, and 50% say they lessen the dining experience.
  • May alienate older guests. 55% say QR code menus are harder to read and browse through. And according to the ACLU, 40% of people over the age of 65 still lack a smartphone, meaning they would be unable to access or order from a digital menu.
  • Could expose guest info to hackers. QR codes can be an opportunity for criminals to plant malware and track your location or payment information.


Your best bet: adopt a hybrid system


When asked whether they prefer to order from a paper or a digital menu, 88% of customers said they preferred paper menus, while 12% said they preferred QR code menus. With these pros and cons in mind, consider a hybrid model in which you offer both options, as the more accommodations you provide guests, the more profits you’ll likely see.


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