Turkey at the Breakfast Table

Breakfast is perfect for adding to the menu, but deciding what to put on the breakfast menu can be trickier. Turkey, however, is a no-brainer.

Turkey is gaining ground at breakfast—24% of consumers say they’ve been eating turkey at breakfast more than they were two years ago. Breakfast items with turkey increased on FSR menus by 8% in 2012.

It might be because of the healthier perception patrons have of turkey. More than three-fifths of consumers believe that poultry items are more healthful than beef or pork, and most of them said health reasons are why they choose turkey more often for breakfast at restaurants and retail.

Patrons also think there’s a lack of turkey options on the breakfast menu. Nearly two-thirds of consumers think restaurants should use more turkey, and 55% would like to see turkey bacon and sausage on breakfast menus more often.

You can give them everything they want, traditional or unique, with turkey breakfast meats.

  • Turkey Sausage Links: Perfect for platters or à la carte.
  • Turkey Sausage Patties: Great on sandwiches or crumbled up in recipes.
  • Turkey Bacon: Add in recipes or serve it up beside their favorite items.

Check out Butterball’s full line of turkey breakfast meats to find the right fit for your operation’s needs. For menu inspiration, visit our Recipes section.


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