Turkey Burgers & Craft Beer

Turkey burgers alone can be profitable—they're in demand and on trend. But when paired with craft beer, they become even bigger moneymakers; boosting check averages and often, repeat business.

Why to Pair

A study by the Brewer's Association found that craft beer-drinking customers increase check averages by $16. That’s an average check of $60.16. Your waitstaff will be happy to know they also consistently tip 17%. Millennial customers are seeking out craft offers at establishments, so make sure you meet the need.

How to Menu

Start by offering a good selection of craft beers. Don’t underestimate the power of "local" when it comes to selecting. Be sure to train your waitstaff on the basics—the brands, the basic types of offers, and the flavors. List your craft offers on your regular beer list, but also promote them as featured specials by pairing with turkey burgers.

How to Pair

Craft beer and turkey burger combinations should contrast and complement each other. Consider the sweetness, bitterness, hoppiness, spice and richness of the beer, and then find cheeses and condiments that play off them well. Belgian and American ales, and nut brown ales and lagers are said to be the best for pairing with turkey.

Want more burger recipes to pair with your favorite local craft beers? Check out our Inspirations section for ways to really dazzle customers.


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