Understanding the Busy Balancer

September 2017

When it comes to understanding customers’ specific needs and eating patterns, demographics can take you only so far. To help operators better serve their diners, Technomic has created seven eater profiles, which categorize consumers based on their motivations and need states. Out of these seven demographics, the Busy Balancer group comprises 16% of the consumer population and presents a very profitable opportunity for operators.

Busy Balancers are on the go, as the name suggests. They’re multitaskers, and they rely on meals away from home to make life easier. In fact, 37% of their meals each week come from foodservice establishments—more than any other eater profile.

Find out how to cater to Busy Balancers with these insights and recommendations:

  • Busy Balancers believe that current sandwich offerings at chain restaurants are very similar. You can stand out from the crowd by revamping your sandwich menu with premium ingredients and signature touches. Try house-made sauces to differentiate your offerings, and browse our full lineup of turkey sandwich recipes that go way beyond basic.
  • Convenience is important to Busy Balancers, but that’s not all. They’ve increased their use of delivery, and they’re also interested in dining in. When it comes to a restaurant’s ambiance, they want the establishment to be comfortable and inviting. Since 2015, many of the nation’s most popular restaurant chains have changed their aesthetic to be more pleasant and relaxing. Check out these examples for inspiration.
  • Busy Balancers agree that protein is important to their diets. Out of all the eater archetypes, Busy Balancers are most likely to eat meat, poultry and seafood dishes. You can satisfy their craving for protein by offering more turkey on the menu. It’s lower in fat and calories than many other protein options, and it’s extremely versatile. One product can go a long way. See how Master Chef Tony Seta makes the most out of turkey in one of his favorite blog posts.

Use these tips to best serve Busy Balancers, and be on the lookout for more eater profile articles. Check our Resource Center for additional business-building trend information.


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