Understanding the Hobbyist

December 2017

Technomic classifies consumers into seven different eater profiles based on motivations and need states. These profiles can help operators gain a better understanding of their diners and identify new ways to drive traffic to their operations. Each group has a distinctive way of viewing a dining experience. Let’s take a look at the Foodservice Hobbyist eater profile to see what these diners are seeking.

Hobbyists enjoy 22% of their meals away from home, and about 20% of consumers fall into this category. Their top driver for visiting restaurants is the dining experience, rather than the convenience of eating away from home. The Hobbyist category includes consumers of all ages, but most are women with children.

When it comes to menu items, Hobbyists are very adventurous. They want to try new flavors and new dining experiences, so appetizers and sharable dishes are very appealing. Consider revamping your appetizer menu more frequently to keep options fresh for Hobbyist diners. Visit our Culinary Center to find lots of patron-pleasing meal starter ideas to add to your appetizer lineup.

Hobbyists are willing to pay a higher price for menu items with descriptors such as “natural,” “sustainable” and “locally raised.” Meet their demand by creating recipes with Farm to Family by Butterball™—a line of no-antibiotics-ever, all-natural turkey products, raised on local family-owned farms and fed an all-vegetarian diet. The Herbed Turkey Burger is a delicious way to menu both natural and flavorful ingredients. It’s made with Farm to Family ground turkey that’s been seasoned with a tasty mixture of thyme, garlic and sage.

Use these tips to best serve Foodservice Hobbyists in your operation. You can learn more about Busy Balancers, another key eater profile, in this article. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest foodservice trends.


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