Versatility on the Grill

July 2014

Americans love grilling—according to Consumer Reports National Research Center, 86% of consumers say they grill at home because they prefer the flavor of grilled food.

Grilling is perceived as a healthier way of cooking food when compared to frying and other preparation techniques. This is because of the lack of batter and excess grease. Cater to your health-conscious diners as well as those simply seeking grilled flavors by serving grilled lean meats, such as turkey mignons or turkey breast filets.

From appetizers and side dishes to entrées and desserts, grilling can help you impart unique flavor to a wide variety of foods. Using certain menu descriptors, like the ones listed below, can help enhance marketability and appeal of items off the grill. Try these techniques to make the most out of your grill:

  • Smoking—Smoking deepens and enhances grilled flavors. Use fragrant wood chips like mesquite or hickory when grilling meats to add a distinctive taste.
  • Glazing—Glazing adds dimension to grilled foods and eliminates the need for additional sauces. Try interesting flavor combinations, like a smoky and sweet Bourbon Apple Butter Glaze, a sweet and spicy Honey Lemon Habanero Pepper Glaze, or a tangy Orange Cranberry Glaze.
  • Marinating—Besides adding another layer of flavor, marinades help meats retain moisture during the high-heat cooking process.

While summertime is prime grilling season, flavorful grilled meats, vegetables and more are sure to be enjoyed by your diners year-round. Visit our Culinary Center to find more recipes for the grill, and be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest on grilling.


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