August 13, 2014

With Beef Prices Rising, Ground Turkey Fills Protein Needs on Menus

Butterball Foodservice Ground Turkey Provides Cost-Saving, Healthy Alternative. Beef prices…

With Beef Prices Rising, Ground Turkey Fills Protein Needs on Menus

August 13, 2014

Butterball Foodservice Ground Turkey Provides Cost-Saving, Healthy Alternative

Beef prices continue to rise. Now more than ever, chefs and operators need cost-effective menu alternatives. The USDA is reporting that the price of ground beef in particular has risen by 76% in the last five years alone. Foodservice operators are faced with the decision to either raise their prices, make less money or find a new staple protein.

Ground turkey is now in a prime position to meet the demand for a flavorful, low-cost alternative to ground beef. To help chefs benefit from this opportunity, Butterball Foodservice has developed a wide variety of flavorful recipes, from Asian-inspired appetizers to Southwestern breakfast options:

  • Banh Mi Turkey Wraps—Mouthwatering lettuce wraps made with ground turkey and Asian flavors
  • Three Philosophers Sliders—Highlight distinct flavor profiles of sweet, sour and savory
  • Turkey Breakfast Tacos—Spicy turkey taco filling, scrambled eggs and salsa in a warm tortilla

The perfect platform for menu creativity, Butterball Ground Turkey is great for burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, pasta dishes, comfort foods, tacos, breakfast burritos and more. Not only is turkey healthier and less expensive than beef, but it is also a highly versatile protein for any daypart. Chefs can reinvigorate menus with new items at a better price point that also come with the halo of health.

Richie Jenkins, Butterball Foodservice’s Senior Director of Marketing, said, “As beef prices skyrocket, foodservice operators are increasingly being forced to either raise their prices or find alternatives. Our versatile ground turkey provides an opportunity for chefs to use their creativity and enhance their menus in a way that allows them to satisfy their customers’ need for delicious food, healthy options and wallet-friendly meals.”

About Butterball Foodservice:

For more than 50 years, Butterball, LLC has been a leader and innovator in the turkey industry. Headquartered in Garner, N.C., Butterball is the world’s largest vertically integrated turkey processor. As a division of Butterball, LLC, Butterball Foodservice is committed to responsibly supplying the highest quality products with the highest level of customer service. Butterball Foodservice gives chefs and operators even more reasons to love turkey with great-tasting products and menu ideas patrons love. For more information and recipe ideas, visit Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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