BBQ Ranch Turkey Bacon Burger

BBQ Ranch Turkey Bacon Burger

1 burger

Serving Size

Chef Brenda

This recipe was developed and approved by Chef Brenda

Students will be delighted with this irresistible turkey burger, featuring a delicious ranch sauce made with buttermilk and tangy dill pickle juice, and topped with crispy turkey bacon. It’s pure burger bliss.

Ingredients Show More


50 Portions

100 Portions

Butterball Savory White Turkey Burger, 4 oz

50 Portions 50 each

100 Portions 100 each

Butterball Foodservice Turkey Bacon

50 Portions 2 lb 3 oz or 100 each

100 Portions 4 lb 6 oz or 200 each

Hamburger bun, whole grain rich (at least 2 oz eq grain each)

50 Portions 50 each

100 Portions 100 each

American cheese, processed, sliced (USDA or Commercial) (At least 0.5 oz eq M/MA each)

50 Portions 1 lb 9 oz or 50 each

100 Portions 3 lb 2 oz or 100 each

BBQ sauce, sweet

50 Portions 2 ¼ cups

100 Portions 1 qt ½ cup

Ranch dressing & seasoning dry mix, reduced sodium

50 Portions About 1.6 oz or ½ packet

100 Portions About 3.2 oz or 1 packet

Buttermilk, cultured, low fat

50 Portions 1 qt

100 Portions 2 qt

Mayonnaise dressing, reduced calorie

50 Portions ¼ cup

100 Portions ½ cup

Dill pickle juice

50 Portions ¼ cup

100 Portions ½ cup

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  1. Prepare Sauce: May make a day ahead. In a large mixing bowl or plastic container, mix or blend with an immersion blender BBQ sauce, ranch dressing packet, buttermilk, mayonnaise, and dill pickle juice. Discard after 7 days of preparation. CCP: Hold at 40 °F or lower.
  2. Cook & Slice Bacon: Remove bacon from plastic packaging, leaving bacon on the parchment paper it was packaged in. Cut bacon slices in half. Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  3. Cook Turkey Burgers: Place turkey burgers on full sheet pans. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 °F. Heat to 165 °F or higher for 15 seconds. Remove from the oven and top with 1 slice of cheese and 4-half slices of turkey bacon. CCP: Hold at 140 °F or higher.
  4. Build & Serve Burgers: Place bacon & cheese turkey burger between buns. Serve with 2 Tbsp (#30 scoop) BBQ Ranch Sauce.

CCP: Chef Recommendations: Serve with a self-serve veggie bar with romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, fresh jalapenos, and pickles.

Nutrients per Serving Show More

Calories 772 kcal

Saturated Fat 7 g

Trans Fat 0 g

Total Fat 25 g

Cholesterol 120 mg

Calcium 694 mg

Total Dietary Fiber 3 g

Iron 8 mg

Sodium 1,690 mg

Sugars 39 g

Carbohydrate 72 g

Vitamin A 1,700 IU

Vitamin C 0 mg

Protein 55 g


Meat/Meat Alt 3.5 oz. eq.

Grain 2 oz. eq.

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