What Families Want from To-Go Meals

Nearly one-third of households agree that having more family-focused meals is a positive outcome of these challenging times. While they’re making a greater effort to spend time together, they don’t always want to do so in the kitchen. That’s why, according to Datassential, there’s also an increase in demand for multi-serving, to-go items.


Here are the types of family-sized meals consumers want and how to serve them:

  • Plan for dinner. Nearly 65% of consumers are interested in Sunday supper foods. This Spicy Turkey Rigatoni with Pomodoro Crudo follows that tradition with a delicious reason to gather around the table.
  • Get fancy. Patrons are looking to break from the ordinary, as 58% want upscale family dinners. These Moroccan Turkey Pavés add gourmet style and global flair to any menu.
  • Consider meal kits. Restaurants like Smashburger are selling ready-to-cook options designed for a variety of group sizes. Breakfast/brunch boxes have also become especially popular, with more than 70% of millennials and households with kids wanting them. Consider your own breakfast kit version of this Empire State Bagel, offering a BYO twist on a morning favorite.
  • Offer deals. Millennials are expressing the most interest in special offers. Buy-one-take-one entrées entice 86% of this age group and 78% of consumers overall.
  • Let kids be kids. Families with young ones lean toward kids’ party packs, which draw interest from 64% of households with kids. Make your own kid-friendly bundle featuring this Queso Mac & Cheese.
  • Roll out multiple courses. Full 3- or 4- course family deals attract more than two-thirds of consumers.

Family-sized meals are perfect for any group. As people spend more time inside, sharing a meal has become a silver lining that operators can help sustain.


Does your restaurant offer family meals to go? Tell us about it on Facebook or LinkedIn. For more strategies to boost your operation, visit our Tips page.



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